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Sewer Cabling Machine

A clogged sewer can lead to damage in your home or business which can become a costly fix. Some of the most evident signs of a blockage would be water or sewer backing up in a floor drain of a basement. Water can also back up in a bath tub or any other drain located close to the floor. You may notice that your toilet will start to seep water from the base or make gurgling sounds.

Common Causes of Sewer Blockages

There are many instances where blockages can occur in your home or business. While there are many variables, and some in combination of others, there are quite a few common causes of sewer blockages. They can be from ordinary household or office products that people may or may not know create these issues, or natural occuring scenarios where there is no control. Listed below are some of the most common causes for clogging.

Tree Roots

Tree roots can make their way in to a sewer line through loose connections, breaks, or separations in a section of the line. Ultimately, this creates many problems for your sewage through leaking, slow flushing, build-up, and clogs.

Feminine Hygiene Products

These products can easily get hung up in a sewer line causing a partial blockage which can over time collect other debris coming down the sewer line. When enough debris has built up, you can experience a full blockage if left untreated.

Paper Towels, Sanitary/Baby Wipes

These products do not typically break down in water and can also get snagged or 'hung up' in your sewer line causing the line to become blocked. With paper towels, especially in large amounts, it can easily get trapped in your lines. Other types of wipes for babies or sanitation are made from a similar material and therefore causes similar problems. In fact, wipes are by far the worst in this situation as they are designed to hold moisture to an extent.

The Solution: Cable Machine To Remove Blockages

In most cases a cabling machine can help remove blockages and free your sewer lines from clogs. However, in some more extreme conditions of these occasions a cable machine may not be able to clear the blockage. That's when we would recommend to have your line water jetted or dug-up to solve the problem permanently.