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Sewer Camera

The camera and locator is a common and efficient way to pin point an issue when you are experiencing a problem with your sewer line. Common things your technician will look for when using the camera is to thoroughly inspect the areas. By first identifying the issue, we can propose and perform the proper service and solution. This includes anything from leaks to clogs within your sewer lines and systems.

Entry of Camering Sewer
Discovery of Breaking in Sewer Line
Found Internal Damages in Line

Benefits of Sewer Cameras

There are many benefits to sewer cameras that will better assist us so that we can assist you. 'Going in blind', generally speaking, is a bad idea. Being able to see every crevise, pipe, and fittings allows us to properly diagnosis any issue through a visual analysis. Sometimes it's hard to determine a core problem with sewer lines without actually seeing it. This gives us all the intel we need to proceed with our services.

Inspecting Your Sewer Line

A thorough inspection is performed during the sewer camering. This usually consists of looking for busted or even corroded lines in the cast iron or clay tile. Other areas are inspected as well during entry and exit of the camera to find anything that might pertain to the problem.

Identifying A Problem

Identifying a problem is much easier once we know what we're looking at. After camering is completed, all snapshots are properly analyzed and discussed with our technicians. We then proceed with a plan of action to provide the repair needed.

Common Problems That Require Camering Sewers

Line Separation

At times a separation in a section of line or a fitting could cause an issue. This is usually due to the sewer line not being installed properly or having heavy equipment over a shallow line. This is very difficult to diagnose without a camera.

A Low Spot

Also known as a 'belly in the line'. This causes an area of settlement which could possibly end up in a blockage of the sewer line. It's hard to discover without a camera to visually display the low spot.

Discovering Clogs With Our Camering

In most cases cabling sewers can solve majority of the problems we encounter. However, if we discover a clog that is made of mud or sludge, a cable machine may not be able to solve the problem. The machine may only spin the mixture without actually being able to clear out the clogged area. At this point we would need to have the sewer line water jetted or possibly dug-up.