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Consolidated Treatment Systems from Advanced Septic & Pumping

The three septic systems that we install are from Consolidated Treatment Systems: Multi-Flo, Enviro-Guard and Nayadic. All three are dependable, long lasting septic tank systems for residential and commercial properties. Each system is unique and have their own benefits depending on each situation and budget. With every project we recommend either of the three systems that will suffice for any installation that you need. Our systems guarantee efficient septic containment for decades.

Find more information on our systems and septic services through these products we carry.


Our first recommendation for septic tank installation is always the Multi-Flo. It is the most reliable septic system on the market, and is also the most ecologically sound septic system available. It is small enough that it will not restrict yard usage and is made of lightweight material so that it can be installed in any yard.

Multi-Flo Benefits

  • Odor Free
  • Quiet
  • Easy Service Access
  • Low Cost
  • 95% Removal of Sewage Contaminants

Quite simply, the Multi-Flo is the best septic system on the market. Since it a lightweight system it does not require large equipment to install, and you can avoid lawn damage. In addition to that the system only takes a few cents to operate on a daily basis. It is nearly 100% noiseless, the water that comes out is clean and odorless. Your septic pumping and cleaning needs to be on a set schedule with the Multi-flo, so we can set you up on a schedule so that you don't have to worry about septic tank maintenance, either.

The entire septic process takes place in a single septic tank. It is certified under ANSI/NSF standards as a class 1 system. Learn more by calling us today to set up a septic tank installation estimate.


Enviro-Guard is another fantastic system from Consolidated Treatment. It is a self-contained system that is perfect for sensitive areas. It is a branch off of the Multi-flo engine. Essentially, it is the Multi-Flo with some extra safety enhancements for ultimate environmental safety. In addition to the benefits of the Multi-Flo, there are several extra benefits of the Enviro-Guard.

Enviro-Guard Benefits

  • 500-gallon primary tank
  • 600-gallon dose tank
  • 60% Nitrogen/Nitrate reduction
  • 98% Removal of Sewage Contaminants
  • Great for seasonal or intermittent use

The Enviro-Guard is especially great as a seasonal use septic system. They take two days to return to total functioning order, so they are great for seasonal homes or camp sites.

Diagram of Enviro-Guard

Nayadic System

The Nayadic system has been in use for over 30 years worldwide. It is such a popular system because it treats water very effectively with a very low maintenance cost. It exceeds most national standards and is registered as a Class 1 System from ANSI/NSF.

Nayadic Benefits

  • 95% Sewage Removal
  • Quiet, odor free
  • No internal moving parts, low maintenance
  • Fiberglass & Lightweight
Nayadic System

If you have any questions about any of the Consolidated Treatment Systems that are available from Advanced Septic & Pumping in the Jefferson City area, please do not hesitate to contact us. Schedule a free consultation and estimate today.